Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

What Should You Do To Maintain Your Aluminum Gutters This Summer?

Jessie Bell

Your aluminum gutters play an important role in your home's water drainage. Water that falls on your roof must have a proper place to exit, or moisture can build up beneath the shingles and in the attic of your home. Maintaining your gutters can extend the service life of your home's roof and can prevent water damage in the walls and other parts of your house. While your home's gutters won't need a lot of maintenance in the summer months, the following tips can help you keep your gutters in good condition for the season.

Cut Down Overhanging Branches

Aluminum gutters are a lightweight material that can be easily bent or damaged by heavy tree branches. Tree branches that overhang your home pose a threat to your home's gutters. Summer is a time when many trees grow very quickly. Keep an eye on any trees near your home to watch for branches that might overtake your roof or gutters. Prune tree branches in a timely fashion to prevent problems. It's best to cut down branches when they're small and seemingly harmless. The longer you wait, the larger the branches will become and the more difficult they will be to remove.

Remove Birds Nests

You may have noticed quite a few birds on your property this spring. Birds commonly build nests near and inside gutters. Bird nests built inside gutters can cause clogs and can prevent water from draining properly. Now that summer is here, most bird nests are likely empty, so now is the time to remove them. If this is a recurring problem on your property, investigate installation of a gutter protection system that can prevent this from happening in the future.

Clean Up After Big Storms

Summer is a time when big thunderstorms and heavy winds are common in many parts of the country. Big storms can blow twigs, leaves and other debris into your home's gutters. Inspect your gutters after big storms with high winds. You can either get up on a ladder and look inside your gutters for clogs or spray water onto your roof and watch the drainage in each downspout. If your gutters begin to overflow, you'll know that they've become clogged. Maintain your gutters after each large storm to keep your home's water drainage system working properly.

For more advice about maintaining your gutters this summer, or to get your aluminum gutters professionally cleaned and inspected, contact A - 1 Seamless Gutters Inc or a similar company.


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