Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Shortening Or Removing A Chimney

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In most cases, if your chimney is damaged, it makes sense to have it repaired. However, there are some homeowners who do not use their chimneys. In this case, you may consider having your chimney replaced or shortened. Fireplaces cause an unnecessary mess and can also be very inefficient. Also, anything that projects out of a roof can be a source of leaks. 

Removing The Fireplace Yourself

It is possible for homeowners to remove fireplaces themselves. However, it is important to make sure to take great care because removing the fireplaces can be risky. For example, simply attaching a rope to a chimney and trying to pull down the chimney with a truck can lead to a felony and is very dangerous. 

Determining Whether It Is Safe

Make sure that the chimney is not used as a flue for something else, such as a hot water heater. This is a common situation when the chimney is located in the center of the home. If you remove a chimney that is used as a flue, this can cause your home to fill up with carbon monoxide. Also, assess whether removing the chimney would remove support.

Dismantling The Chimney

While it can be a slow process, one of the best ways to dismantle a chimney is to remove it brick-by-brick. Doing so will require the use of a ladder, scaffolding, and a safety harness to protect yourself in case you fall while removing individual bricks with a hammer and chisel. Chisel and pry the mortar joints. The chimney cap will need to be removed and you will then need to remove many layers of brick. Make sure that there is a dumpster close by so that the bricks can be easily tossed in. Do not stack the bricks on the roof, which can cause the situation to be less manageable and can also cause damage to the roof. Remove any metal flashing and you will then have a hole in your roof that you will need to patch. Then, the rest of the chimney inside your home can be removed brick-by-brick.

Given how dangerous it is to remove a fireplace and chimney, it is a better idea to hire professionals like those at Excel Chimney & Fireplace Service. If your chimney simply has damage, you may want to have it repaired. However, if you do not like the downsides of owning a chimney, you may simply ask to have the chimney dismantled.


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