Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

What Is Wrong With Your Home's Irrigation System?

Jessie Bell

Errors with your home's irrigation system could prove costly and lead to problems with your home's foundation. Many of the errors that are made are avoidable with careful planning and implementation. Here are three possible errors that could grow into bigger problems.  

Obstructed Sprinkler Heads

Ideally, your sprinklers reach the area that they are designed to cover. However, an obstruction of the sprinkler heads can prevent the water from spraying as intended. As a result, the area immediately around the heads gets over-watered and the areas that need water are neglected.  

Obstructions can result from tall grass, rocks, and other debris that is commonly found in a lawn. If the water is not reaching the intended area, check each head for obstructions. Remove the obstructions and continue to make periodic checkups of the heads in the future.  

Lack of Tree and Shrub Zones

Trees and shrubs have different watering needs. Trees require more watering, which means the sprinklers have to operate a longer period of time to guarantee the trees are getting the water needed. By contrast, shrubs have shallow roots and do not require as much water.  

If you over- or underwater the trees and shrubs, they could develop a number of ailments, including rot. To avoid this, you need to set up tree and shrub zones. In the areas containing trees, you need dedicated sprinklers that will provide the water needed.  

No Shutoff Device Installed

One of the biggest mistakes you could make with your irrigation system is to set it and forget it. When this happens, the sprinklers could operate when the additional water is not needed. For instance, if it is raining, your lawn does not need to be watered. However, if the sprinklers are set to start, they will regardless of the weather.  

A simple way to resolve this issue is to install a shutoff device with your sprinkler system. The shutoff device can measure the water that has fallen and determine if the sprinklers still need to be activated. If the water is enough to water your lawn for the day, the sprinklers simply will not turn on.  

Your irrigation system could be troubled by other avoidable errors. To avoid this, take the time carefully consider your watering needs and plan your system. You should also consult with a landscaper or contractor like those at Michael's Irrigation Inc to get a professional assessment of your current system and the adjustments you should make. 


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