Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Went In Your Attic And It Is All Lit Up? There May Be Problems With Your Roof

Jessie Bell

If you go into your attic it should be mostly dark even if you have a small window. If you see light in your attic and you do not have a light turned on, this is a sign you are having roofing problems. This is because light may be getting through the roof and into your attic. Below are two problems a roof could have that would cause this.

Roof has Valleys

If you go up on your roof and see several spots that are sagging or small dips on the shingles, these are known as roof valleys. This happens when the roof rafters deteriorate. This may happen if you live in an area that has constant high humidity or you get a lot of heavy snowfalls each winter.

Once this deterioration starts, light can get through the roof. Rain can also get through and this can cause a lot of damage inside your attic and in your home. You may also have mold growing in your attic from the moisture. Even if you notice very small valleys, they can pose a risk.

Poor ventilation in your attic can also cause this problem. This is because poor ventilation allows moisture to build up inside the attic. This can be a dangerous problem because if the rafters give out completely because of rot and deterioration, your roof could cave in in different areas.

Problems with Cracked Flashing

The problem could be cracked flashing. The flashing is a thin piece of metal that a roofer installs under the shingles as well as on the joints that are on the roof. The flashing is important as it provides a water-resistant barrier. If you have broken flashing, you will see large cracks in it. These cracks will let light get into your attic as well as water and other debris.

In many cases, a roof uses tar to join flashing together and seal it. Over time, this tar will corrode, which results in cracked flashing.

Contact a home roofing service contractor as soon as you notice light in your attic to make sure there is nothing wrong with your roof. Getting the roof repaired quickly will prevent further damage and save you a lot of money. You should also check the insulation in your attic as it could be moldy due to the moisture inside your attic. The walls of the attic should also be checked for mold and cleaned if it is found.


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