Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

3 Cool Ways To Use Drywall Mud Other Than As A Joint Compound

Jessie Bell

Drywall mud. It is the most basic of construction materials most often used to join the cracks between sheets of drywall for a smooth end appearance. If you spot a bucket of drywall mud and you are like most homeowners, you will never give much thought to how this stuff could be used. Truthfully, drywall mud can be used for all kinds of creative endeavors in and around the house. Check out these cool ways some creative drywall contractors have been using drywall mud to create some pretty fantastic home features and you may find a few reasons to call up a contractor for some artistic implementations. 

Drywall mud can be used to create some incredible wall murals. 

Perhaps you would like a mountain scene on your wall with a 3D appearance. Maybe there is a blank wall in your office that could use some creative embellishments with a wall mural that really attracts attention. If so, drywall mud may be just the material for the job if it is in the hands of a creative drywall contractor. YouTube is full of videos portraying artistic drywallers fabricating some incredible scenery using drywall mud and putty knives or even paint brushes. 

Drywall mud can be used with stencils for patterned walls and ceilings. 

Most homeowners already know that drywall mud can be used to create texture, but pair that textured consistency with stencils and you have a whole new world of interior design ideas. Stencils can be used on the ceilings to create a ceiling reminiscent of antique structures that appears to have blocked patterns or otherwise. Plus, drywall mud and stencils can be used in the same fashion to add some creative flair to the regular walls in a room. For example, you could have a professional drywaller add an array of fleur de lis patterns to one wall in the kitchen. 

Drywall mud can be used to vamp up old furniture. 

Picture an old wooden dresser or side table. It needs a good paint job and is pretty flat and boring in shape. You can actually use drywall mud to add creative embellishments to furniture pieces. This stuff can be piped in place much like cake icing with a piping bag, which means someone with a little piping skill could create intricate vines, leaves, and even flowers on the surface of wooden furniture. Once the putty is piped in place and fully dried, it can be painted over and you will have a decked out furniture piece that looks like it cost a fortune to obtain. 

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