Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

3 Risks of Building Your Home on a Wetlands Property

Jessie Bell

When you dream of building your own home, you might think about building it on the perfect piece of property, too. However, in some cases, people end up building their homes on properties that are less than ideal. For example, you might have a wetlands property that you are thinking about using so that you can build your home. These are some of the risks that you should think about before doing so.

1. It Might Not Pass Inspection

First of all, depending on your specific piece of property and the regulations that are in place in your state, you might not be able to build your home on wetlands property due to environmental concerns and other issues. It's important to have the land surveyed and inspected to determine if it's zoned for building purposes. If not, you might be able to work through your local building code office to apply for a waiver and permit so that you can build your house anyway, although there is certainly no guarantee that this will be successful.

2. It Could Be Difficult to Secure Financing and Insurance

Even if you are able to secure the necessary permits to build your home on wetlands property, there is a chance that you will run into other snags. For example, you might not be able to find a mortgage lender that will finance your home building project, or you could struggle to find homeowners insurance for the home once it is built.

3. It Could Put Your Home at Risk of Damage

Another key concern of building your home on a wetlands property is the fact that it could put your home at risk of damage. A home that is built on soil that is constantly saturated can be prone to foundation-related damage, for example. You also have to be concerned about the higher potential for flooding in an area that is already saturated.

As you can see, there are various issues that can go along with building your home on a wetlands property. This doesn't necessarily mean that it can't be done, but it's important to weigh out the disadvantages of doing so and to work with an inspector who has experience with these types of properties. Then, you can help ensure that you are making the right choice.

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