Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Do Your Part to Prevent a House Fire

Jessie Bell

Perhaps no other fear strikes the heart of homeowners as much as the fear of a residential fire. Not only could beloved pets, keepsakes, possessions, and the house itself perish in a fire, but there could very well be the loss of human life.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, seven Americans die every day in residential fires. The primary causes are due to cooking mishaps and smoking accidents. In addition to making sure you have working smoke detectors, here are two steps you can take to help prevent a residential fire.

Pay Attention to Your Stove

If you're cooking, you should stay in the kitchen the entire time you have something on the burner. A fire can start in an unattended pan incredibly quickly. Frying bacon can spark a grease fire and have the entire kitchen in flames in the short time it takes you just to go answer the phone.

Unfortunately, older adults are most likely to be the victims of a fatal house fire, representing nearly one-third of casualties. The cause of the fire is often found to have started in the kitchen. As Americans continue to grow older, this could become an unwelcome trend. If you are the adult child of a senior citizen parent, you will want to periodically assess their cognitive abilities and their continued cooking capabilities.

Every home should have at least two dry chemical fire extinguishers. Choose dry chemical extinguishers rather than water-based fire extinguishers as these would only exacerbate an electric or grease fire. One extinguisher should be placed near the kitchen, but it should not be located near the stove. The other extinguisher should be located in a central area. If you can afford to, place another extinguisher near the front and rear entrance of you home.

Don't forget to learn how to actually use the fire extinguisher. There won't be time to read the instruction pamphlet once a fire breaks out. Make sure every member of the household is trained, too.

Have a Sprinkler System Installed

While it is easier, and even mandatory in some municipalities, to install a fire sprinkler system in new construction, it is certainly possible in older construction. It is not uncommon for older homes to have outdated electrical systems, a common cause of fires.

A qualified contractor can install a fire sprinkler system without taking from the character of your home. Fire sprinklers also use far less water than what the fire department would have to use, so sprinklers are an excellent choice if you want to prevent your home from being fire, smoke, and water damaged.

For more information on how to protect your home from fire, talk to companies like Fire Extinguisher Service Center.


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