Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Renting Small Equipment for Work Around Your Yard or Property

Jessie Bell

If you own a home and a piece of property that you want to landscape or need to do some work around, you will likely need some tools to get the tasks done. Sometimes a hammer and nails are all you need; other times you need a skid steer, a jackhammer, or a trencher. Since you are not likely to have those larger tools in the garage, you need to find a resource to get them.

Renting Instead of Buying 

When you find yourself in need of a large tool or small piece of equipment, it makes more sense to rent one for the job you are doing and return it when you're done. Most people won't need or want to buy a skid steer loader, but they may need one to use on a weekend landscaping project. It is not hard to find an equipment rental company in most cities, and sometimes there are several to choose from. Calling ahead to ensure they have what you need is a good idea, and if you need it for the weekend, you may want to reserve the equipment to be sure you will get it.

Having an Item Delivered

There are a lot of rental companies that can offer delivery of larger items to your work location. If a trailer is required to more the item, they may throw that in with the rental and allow you to tow it home as well. If they do offer delivery, it might not be a bad idea to have them bring the equipment to you and go over its operation with you if it is the first time you have used it. Some equipment is very simple to operate but specialty items may have requirements that you need to understand for the same operation of the tool.

Understanding the Costs

There can be varying fees associated with renting equipment, so be sure to ask what the rate is and how it works if you need it another day or a few extra hours. In some cases, you might be charged by the hour for extra time or for a half or full day. Some rental businesses charge additional fees if you do not clean the equipment before you return it. The equipment rental company will let you know if that is required but in most cases, it is best to take a minute and hose off items that get dirty before you return them. Even if they don't require it, you will save the employees some time and maybe make someone's day.

Repairing the Equipment

If a piece of equipment you are renting stops working or becomes damaged, don't try to fix it. Let the company know so they can send out a repairman or bring you a replacement to finish the job. Trying to repair the equipment yourself could cause more damage and place the liability for the damage on you. Don't take that chance; just give them a call and let them decide what action to take.

For more information about equipment rentals, talk to companies like A-1 Rental.


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