Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Three Myths About Fire Extinguishers Corrected

Jessie Bell

Fire prevention and safety is a critical aspect of protecting your home against this highly damaging and potentially lethal threat. To this end, a fire extinguisher can be an essential device for any home. Yet, incorrect information may lead some homeowners to make mistakes with these devices that may expose their home to a higher risk of fire.

Myth: All Fire Extinguishers Are The Same

There are some homeowners that may be under the impression that every fire extinguisher is the same. This can be a seemingly harmless mistake to make, but it can create an extremely dangerous situation. For example, if you attempt to extinguish a grease fire using an extinguisher that is made for wood or electrical fires, you could inadvertently make the issue far worse, as this could cause the fire to spread more rapidly. As a result, you will want to take extreme care when choosing fire extinguishers for your home so that you know what type of extinguishers you need.

Myth: Fire Extinguishers Do Not Need Any Maintenance

There is a concept among homeowners that a fire extinguisher does not require any type of care. Often, these individuals assume that these devices will always be ready when they are needed. However, a fire extinguisher must be highly pressurized to function correctly. If it were to develop a leak or other problem, its pressure may drop too low to function. You must have your fire extinguishers tested each year to ensure that they are in working condition. Also, you should regularly dust the fire extinguishers to prevent dirt from clogging the nozzle of the extinguisher or the handle.

Myth: You Do Not Need A Fire Extinguisher If You Have A Sprinkler System Installed

There are many fire suppression devices that can help to protect your home. Automatic sprinklers are among the more effective options for limiting the spread of a fire throughout your house. However, you might assume that there is not a need for fire extinguishers if you have one of these systems in place. It is important to note that fire extinguishers can help supplement these sprinkler systems. This is due to the fact that there may be parts of the house where the sprinkler system's coverage is limited. Also, sprinklers can cause considerable water damage in the process of putting out a small fire. By having fire extinguishers ready, you may be able to put out a small fire before it causes the sprinkler system to activate.

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