Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Using A Fiberglass Geogrid To Reinforce Your Parking Lot

Jessie Bell

Making the choice to install a new parking lot gives you the opportunity to address any structural issues that could have plagued your previous asphalt surface. Laying a grid to reinforce the asphalt prior to pouring the surface of a parking lot can be a great solution when structural stability is important.

Here are three reasons why you should consider using a fiberglass geogrid to reinforce your new parking lot.

1. A fiberglass geogrid is impervious to temperature changes.

If your parking lot is located in an area that sees temperature fluctuations throughout the year, it can be beneficial to have a geogrid that is impervious to these temperature changes.

Fiberglass is a lightweight, yet durable material that does not expand or contract when the temperature climbs or falls. This characteristic allows a fiberglass geogrid to retain its structural uniformity, regardless of the external weather conditions. Your parking lot will remain stable over time when you opt to install a fiberglass geogrid for support.

2. A fiberglass geogrid has high tensile abilities.

Since vehicles of all shapes and sizes will be traveling across the surface of your company's parking lot on a daily basis, you need a support system that will be equipped to handle the weight demands associated with these vehicles.

Lightweight cars, as well as heavy delivery trucks, all cause the asphalt surface of your parking lot to buckle under their weight. If the asphalt flexes too much, it can crack. A fiberglass geogrid provides the high tensile strength needed to support the asphalt from below, allowing the asphalt to absorb the weight of all vehicles without sustaining serious damage.

3. A fiberglass geogrid is easy to install.

Unlike geogrids made from metal, a fiberglass geogrid is easy to install. The fiberglass comes in large sheets that feature strands woven together to increase strength. These sheets can be laid out on the surface of the parking lot's base prior to pouring asphalt.

Metal geogrids can be quite heavy and typically require welding in order to be constructed properly. This welding process adds time and labor to the installation of your new parking lot, which could increase the cost of installing a new parking lot on your company's property.

Once you are able to identify the unique benefits associated with a fiberglass geogrid, it's easy to see why you should opt to have a fiberglass geogrid installed to reinforce your new parking lot in the future. Companies like Boswell Brothers Paving may be able to help meet your needs in this area.


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