Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

What Should You Be Asking Before Hiring Home Painters?

Jessie Bell

Whether you want to have the outside of the house cleaned and painted or you hope to get a nice, fresh coat of paint on the walls indoors, hiring a painting company can appear to be an easy decision. However, because you're allowing someone access to your home, it's wise to use the questions below to have confidence that you've chosen a business that can provide solid work without causing stress.

Do You Use Freelancers?

An important question to ask right away is about the painters that will be at your house. This is a vital inquiry because the painting company may employ freelancers or have painters on staff as official employees. Employees are more likely to be covered by company insurance, which can be important when thinking about whether you'll be financially responsible if one of the painters is hurt on your property. Some companies insure freelancers as well, and that's information you should know.

Not only that, but employees might be more likely to have passed background checks that can pick up any past criminal history. If you do hire a company that uses freelancers, ask about the background investigation that was done before they were brought on.

Are You Using a Particular Paint Brand?

Many people who hire painting companies just assume that a company will use a particular type of paint or what they personally perceive to be the best brand on the market. The kind of paint being used is important, as you are likely to be charged more if the paint being used costs more than other brands. Also, of course, some paint is of better quality than others. That's why it's smart to ask about what a painting company plans to use. You can research their preferred brand and come to your own conclusions. You might be fine with what they're using; if you want another brand, they may be willing to work with you to come to a reasonable solution.

Once you have an answer about paint, you might take it upon yourself to inquire about other materials being used. This can give you a clearer idea of what costs are being passed on to you and a better understanding about the quality of materials a company uses.

The more information you have about a painting company before signing a contract, the more relaxed you'll be once the work begins. Ask these questions of a few companies so you're able to select the best. To learn more about the services offered by painting companies, contact a company like J Maintenance Co.


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