Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

What To Expect If You Opt For A Gas Fireplace

Jessie Bell

Are you building a new home and plan to have a fireplace in it? If so, you will need to decide what type of fireplace you want. Gas fireplace sales are common in today's times. This is because many people have recognized the dangers and inconveniences of wood burning fireplaces. The following points will help you to better understand gas fireplaces and their maintenance requirements. This should help you to make an informed decision about the whether a gas powered fireplace is right for you. 


You will need to get your gas fireplace inspected annually for safety reasons. Homeowners get distracted by the fact that gas fireplaces burn clean fuel and assume that they do not have the worries that individuals with wood burning fireplaces have. For example, they do not have the concerns about flammable creosote buildup. Gas fireplaces should be viewed as gas appliances. You likely know the importance of annually inspecting your furnace and other gas appliances. The same thought process and safety measures are necessary for fireplaces. 

Gas Logs

Even though the logs used in gas fireplaces are not made of wood, they can deteriorate. This is why you need to know that they will need to be replaced at some point. Deteriorating logs can stick to the sides of your gas insert and cause issues. It is best to replace gas logs when you see they are deteriorating to prevent damage to your fireplace.


If you operate your gas fireplace on a regular basis during the winter, routine cleaning will help it perform its best. Residual dirt and grime will naturally build up inside of it. You need to ensure that you use approved products if you plan to clean the appliance yourself. Cleaning instructions can be found in your owner's manual. Dirty glass doors on your fireplace can negatively impact its heat output.

Seasonal cleaning will also be needed. Think of it as a deep clean. You can choose to clean your fireplace when spring arrives. This ensures that the gunk left behind from winter use will be cleared out of it, which means that it will be practically ready to use when winter arrives again. On the other hand, you may choose to wait to clean your fireplace in the fall, which means that it will be done closer to winter's approach. It is ideal to have it cleaned prior to requesting an inspection.

A gas fireplace sales company such as Sleepy Hollow Stove & Fireplace is a good resource to use if you have specific questions. They can also assist you if you need replacement parts or accessories such as new gas logs for your fireplace. 


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