Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Apartment Renovation Ideas To Attract New Tenants

Jessie Bell

If you're a landlord and are having difficulty getting tenants for your apartment, then you are probably looking for some way to get new people in the door. If you've already exhausted the different marketing approaches (advertisements, real estate agents, etc.) then you should consider doing some minor renovation to the place to make it more attractive. Then, after you have fixed up the place, you can re-post the place for sale. Here's a few ideas about what to do.

Refinish The Hardwood Floors

Tenants love the look of fresh hardwood floors. This doesn't mean that you need to install new flooring. What many landlords do is bring in a contractor who can refinish floors. If the polyurethane (poly) has worn away because the last tenant wore shoes around the apartment, or they didn't put rugs down, then a screening might be in order. That's a simple process whereby the surface poly is screened (scratched up so that fresh poly can by applied). If the floors are in really bad shape (stains, cigarette burns), then you might need to have the floors stripped and completely redone. This will give the apartment a brand new feel.

Install New Kitchen Appliances

Installing a new refrigerator or stove can do wonders for a kitchen. If the stove looks like it is a decade or so out of date and the enamel on the refrigerator is all marked up, then these are two items you should replace. People renting the apartment don't want to have to make due with poorly maintained appliances, so you can entice them with brand-new products.

Bring In Painters And Repaint In Bright, Fresh Colors

A great and affordable way to completely transform the look of your apartment is to bring in a painting crew and have them put up a fresh coat in every room. That will make the place look brand new. You can talk with a professional, like AAA Action Painting, for more information.

The old paint might have gotten smudge marked or just faded over time. So a new coat of paint is definitely in order. Also, you might want to take this opportunity to change the color scheme. If you don't like the color trim that was originally used, then now is the time to fix it up. You can speak with a residential painting firm that has expertise in painting apartments. They can make suggestions as to what color schemes will work best to create a visually impressive space.


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