Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For New Water Well Owners

Jessie Bell

Homeowners that are looking for an option for providing water may find that they are best served through having a water well installed. However, without a sufficient understanding concerning residential well systems, you will be unable to make the best choices for your home's water needs.

Use Solar Power To Supply The Pump With Electricity

A water well pump will need to be supplied with electricity to be able to function. As a result, routine power disruptions can have the inconvenient repercussion of causing your home to lose running water. Due to the problems that this could cause, you might want to opt for installing solar panels to power the pump. These panels will be able to power your pump so that you do not have to worry about losing running water for prolonged periods of time due to a simple electrical outage.

Install A Water Softening Attachment

While the water that comes from a well can taste fresh and clean, there is a strong chance that it will have a high concentration of minerals in it. Hard water will be able to cause substantial problems for a home's plumbing system due to the minerals accumulating in the pipes, on the fixtures, and around filtration systems. Luckily, you will be able to filter most of the excess minerals from the well water before it ever reaches the plumbing in your home. This is through adding a water softener attachment to the pump. These devices will need to be professionally installed to minimize the risk of leaks or other performance problems developing.

Create A Regular Service Schedule For The Well System

A well's pump system will be used extensively over the course of time, and this can be particularly true for individuals that have numerous people living in the house. Preventing the pump from failing, malfunctioning or experiencing any other number of problems will mandate the well to be serviced to correct normal wear on the unit. These services will require the lubrication of the pump to be checked and changed as well as looking for loose wires, corrosion, and erosion. To ensure that you are checking for these problems on a regular schedule, you will want to create a calendar that lists the work that is needed as well as the date for when this work needs to be done. Due to the reality that a well pump's needs can vary based on its design and size, you should consult the manual's recommended care steps to ensure you are following all of the necessary steps for your unit.

For more information and help with maintaining your well, contact a local well pump and water treatment company or visit websites like


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