Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips To Help You Repair Leaks In Your Flat Tar And Gravel Roof

Jessie Bell

Through aging from weather and the sun's ultraviolet rays, your flat tar and gravel roof can become cracked and allow water to leak into your home. When you experience leaking into your home from the roof or you notice damage on your roof, you should patch it as soon as possible to prevent further mold and mildew growth in your home. Here are some tips to help you complete some roof patching repairs yourself.

Locate the Roof Damage 

Checking your roof during or right after wet weather is a good way to see where water naturally puddles on your roof, as this can lead to roof leaks. Puddling areas are usually low areas on your roof and should be patched to prevent leaks. But be sure you are safe while on your wet roof, as it can become slippery. Wear rubber soled shoes with some good traction to prevent falls from your roof. 

After you have located and marked any low spots and the roof has dried up, sweep the loose gravel together in a pile on your roof top. This will help you to look for any cracks or bubbles in the roof's tar layer.

Patch Roof Holes

To repair bubbles on your roof, cut an X slit opening on a bubble and peel the layers back to allow the interior of the bubble to dry out. You can also use some rags to soak up the excess water. Coat the interior of the bubble with tar roofing primer and allow it to dry. Primer helps restore oils to the roofing materials and helps keep it waterproof.

Next, coat the interior of the bubble with roofing tar, using a trowel and press the flaps closed on the bubble, pressing it flat with a roofing roller. You can find primer, roofing tar and fabric at most home improvement or roofing stores.

To repair a crack in your tar roof, cover each crack with a layer of tar with your trowel, extending the tar several inches around the crack. Follow this by applying a patch made from asphalt impregnated cotton or fiberglass fabric. This patch should also be several inches larger than the area of damage to ensure all the cracks are filled in to prevent further moisture leaks.

After you have repaired a bubble or a crack in your roof, coat the area with another layer of tar using your trowel, then spread roofing gravel onto the repair. Replace the remaining roofing gravel over the entire roof to protect it from the sun's damaging rays.

Replace Gravel

If your roof is missing gravel, as it can be displaced over time, buy some new roofing pea gravel from a local roofing or home improvement store and replace it over the bare spots on your roof.

Now your roof is repaired and ready to keep your home's interior dry. For more information, contact companies like Rocky Mountain Roofers & Gutters.


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