Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

When Locks Don't Lock: How This Type of Door Repair Is Handled

Jessie Bell

Over time, door locks may wear down and/or stop functioning. If your home or commercial doors stop locking properly, you may want to get a door repair technician to come look at things. While the initial response may be to get a locksmith, there may be other factors at play that keep your door from locking. For that reason, start with a window and door contractor who can verify if it is just a lock problem or if there is something else. Here is how this type of door repair is typically handled. 

Examining the Frame of the Door

First and foremost, the repair technician will examine the frame of your door. When a lock stops latching or just does not hold, the frame of the door may be slanted or bent out of shape. A sinking foundation can contribute to the shifting and angling of the door frame too. Even if you cannot see it while standing in front of the door and looking at it, different tools in the repair person's tool box can. A bubble level, for example, can be set on the top of the door frame to see if the door is slanting in one direction or another. A ruler can take measurements from side-to-side, top to bottom, to see if there are any differences in width that indicate a shift in the door frame too.

The Catch Plate Is Out of Position

Another possible problem is that the catch plate where the lock clicks into place is loose and/or askew. When it is drooping because it is loose, the lock does not quite click into the catch plate opening. When the catch plate is askew, the lock cannot slip past the catch plate and the door will not shut. Adjustments to the catch plate and tightening the fasteners that hold it in place will fix these problems.

The Internal Mechanisms of the Door Lock Are Shot

After the door repair technician has checked the above issues and ruled them out, the problem may indeed be the lock itself. The lock's internal workings may be shot. Replacing the lock entirely will fix this problem. You should attempt to replace the door lock with the same brand and style of lock so that the lock is easily switched. Otherwise, the door repair person will have to drill and/or cut extra holes and openings to get the new lock installed.

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