Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Keeping Employees Safe During A Building Renovation

Jessie Bell

If you own your own company, and you decide to make some upgrades to the building, you are most likely excited about the prospect of having some improvements to the aesthetics and structural integrity of your company's location. It is important to take some steps in protecting those who will be around the construction area if you have workers present during hours you are open. Here are some tips you can use to ensure the job site remains safe for those present.

Make Sure Inspections Are Done Frequently

When you hire a construction company to do the work you propose, it will be important to find one that has an inspector that comes to the job-site daily to oversee the tasks workers are doing. This inspector will take a look at the structure before, during, and after work is conducted to make sure there are no breeches in security that could cause someone a potential injury. Should there be a problem with the way a project is proceeding, the inspector will make recommendations on how to remedy the situation swiftly and efficiently. An on-site inspection agent will help keep those on the premises from becoming hurt as they will constantly be checking the building for flaws.

Add Deterrents So People Avoid Certain Areas

Placing signs near the area where renovation will be done will help to alert those in the building they should refrain from walking around this area. These signs can be placed on entryways to the building so each person coming inside is aware there is construction work being done. Yellow tape or temporary fencing can be positioned around the work site to help alert those in the building they should stay way from this spot for their safety. Sending employees memorandums or emails with alternate route information to use while in the building will also be beneficial in keeping them from getting hurt.

Make An Alternate Area For Work To Be Done

The areas being renovated should be off-limits to employees who do not regularly work in those portions of the building. It is a good idea to provide workers with an alternate place to do their jobs if the renovated area is their prime area for work, however. This temporary spot can be placed far from the renovation area and can be moved back to the newly constructed location after it is completed. 

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