Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Snaking Your Home's Drains: Why You Should, And How

Jessie Bell

Snaking your drain represents one of the most effective ways of clearing out gunk and clogs. It's something you can do yourself, but it's not a solution to all drain problems. Here's a little about how snaking your drain can help, and when you need a more robust drain cleaning solution.

Why You Should Snake Your Drain

Even if you're careful, your drains will accumulate gunk and debris over time. Eventually, that buildup will cause your drains to slow or stop altogether. Hair, oils, anything you put in the toilet, and stuff from your garbage disposal can all contribute to a clog.

It's even possible for a foreign object to become stuck in a drain. If you notice your drains slowing down, then it's time to snake it. Snaking the drain can also come in handy during emergencies. You can catch and remove whatever's blocking your drains if there's a sudden backup or drain stoppage.

How to Snake Your Drain

You can purchase a drain auger over the counter. You may also see them called a plumbing snake or cable. It's a flexible length of cable with an auger or another type of bit at the end of it. You can find different types of drain augers for different types of drains.

  • Put on some work or protective gloves
  • Lay out towels or rags to soak up spills
  • Place the auger or bit end of the device into the drain
  • Slowly feed the cable into the drain while twisting it
  • Wait until the auger or bit hits an obstruction
  • Keep twisting to capture the obstruction
  • Pull the cable with its obstruction back out
  • Run some hot water down the drain
  • Clean up

It's an easy tool to use once you get the hang of it. Even if the auger or bit doesn't hit a large obstruction, it will pull up a lot of hair, gunk, and other debris on the way. It can also solve a lot of the most common plumbing problems people have at home.

When Drain Snaking Isn't Enough

A drain auger isn't always enough for some of the larger problems. It's also not a substitute for the occasional professional drain cleaning from a drain cleaning service. Most consumer drain augers aren't of an adequate length to reach too deep into your home's pipes. Many issues can occur further down in your sewer lines.

That's why it's important to have your drains professionally inspected and cleaned. A drain cleaning contractor can use larger tools to clear out your entire sewer line. 


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