Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Using Your Truck For Hauling Garden Equipment? Tips To Keep The Bed Protected

Jessie Bell

If you have purchased landscaping garden equipment and you will be bringing it home in the back of your truck, you need to make sure you keep your truck bed protected from getting scratched up. The equipment can scratch your truck while driving on the way home, as well as cause even more damage when you are taking everything out of your truck bed. Fortunately, you can protect your truck from damage by using a truck bed liner. A truck bed liner will continue serving its purpose well after summer is over especially if you carry cargo around in the back of your truck throughout the year. Below are two types you can choose from.

Drop in Bed Liner

One option you have is a drop in bed liner that is made of polyethylene composite, which is a type of strong, durable plastic. This type of bed liner is custom made to fit the bed of your truck. During installation, the technician drills small holes in different areas of the bed of our truck to hold the drop in bed liner in place. When they finish drilling the holes, the then attach the bed liner. This process generally does not take very long.

You can also find a different type of drop in bed liner on the market today. This type has a rubber mat for the floor and separate sides.

Spray on Bed Liner

A spray on bed liner is another option and becoming increasingly popular to protect the bed of a truck. This works well because when the liner is sprayed it covers the contour of the bed with no gaps. This bed liner is permanent and bonds to the truck. It is corrosion and chemical resistant. This type of bed liner is generally installed by a professional, but you can choose to do it on your own. It is important it is sprayed evenly, however. When finished, the liner has a durable, scratch free surface, and you will not be able to tell there is a bed liner there.

The truck bed has to be completely free of any dust or debris before installation, and the color can be matched to the color of your truck. Over time, the bed liner may fade if your truck is often in the sun however. For this reason, place a tarp over the bed of the truck if you do not have a garage or any kind of covering to put the truck under.

Talk with a company that sells bed liners to learn much more about them. They can help you decide what type would work best for you.

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