Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Protecting Your Roof During Hurricanes

Jessie Bell

Protecting your roof against the wind forces and stresses generated by a hurricane can be essential for reducing the amount of damage that is suffered by the structure. However, homeowners that have only recently moved to hurricane prone areas may not be very informed about the steps that they should take to enhance their roof's durability.

Secure Any Loose Nails Or Shingles

At the start of each hurricane season, a thorough inspection of the roof should be performed so that any loose nails or shingles can be identified and corrected. Loose nails will not provide adequate support, which can lead to the roof being more likely to experience a failure. Luckily, correcting this problem is relatively easy as you will simply need to hammer the nail back into place. Repairing damaged or misaligned shingles will require more work as you must replace the misaligned or damaged shingles.

Consider Installing Hurricane Clips

When hurricane force winds are striking your home, the roof may start to detach from the rest of the house. Once this starts to happen, the roof may be violently ripped from the house. It is incorrect to assume that you can not reduce this problem as hurricane clips will help to reinforce this vulnerable part of the structure. These clips are made of thick metal, and they are firmly anchored to both the roof and the walls. For the best protection, you should have these clips added to each side of the house. Furthermore, we should avoid installing these clips yourself due to the risks of this work being done incorrectly, but professional roofing service will be able to handle this upgrade for you.

Prevent Large Trees From Growing Close To The House

Large trees can be extremely vulnerable to suffering damage during hurricanes as the winds can break branches and trunks. Both of these issues could result in the roof suffering intense damage. Once an area of the roof has been compromised, the rest of the roof will be far more likely as the damage will reduce the roof's aerodynamics, which can increase drag. While you may be sad to have to trim back the trees from your home, the safety benefits during a hurricane or tropical storm can be enough to warrant taking this seemingly drastic step.

If you are wanting to reduce the risk of your house being seriously damaged during a hurricane, you must understand the steps that need to be followed to prepare the house for these storms. Inspecting the roof for loose nails and misaligned shingles along with installing hurricane clips and trimming trees away from the house can go a long way in keeping your roof safe during the next hurricane.


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