Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

3 Exterior Places To Add A Touch Of Iron Work On Your Residential Property

Jessie Bell

When most residential homeowners think of iron work for their property, they think of things like balcony railings and perimeter gates that are fairly large in stature and take up a lot of visual space. While these components sure exude a certain level of appeal, maybe you want to add iron work in a way that is a little more low key. Thankfully, you don't have to go big when it comes to implementing iron pieces on your property because there are all kinds of small iron pieces that can easily be included in your landscape. Check out a few favorites you may want to consider making a part of your home's exterior setup:

Square Iron Tiles for Existing Fencing 

If you have a large privacy fence made of wood or perhaps a brick enclosure around your property, you can incorporate small squares of iron tile. Iron tiles are actually just small squares or rectangular pieces of iron metal work that have different designs. These pieces make an excellent focal point when grouped together but you can just as easily add a few pieces here and there for an impressive peek-a-boo effect. 

Wrought Iron Shutters for Windows

Shutters made of iron are not solid like traditional exterior shutters, but they offer an incredible boost of appeal around the windows of your home. These elongated metal pieces sit on either side of the window just like regular shutters and come in an array of different styles. Some iron shutters are even implemented with hinges so they can be closed over the outside of your windows for added protection during a storm or even for added security. You can place the shutters around all of your home windows or simply around a few of the most important windows of the house.  

Low-Stature Iron Gates for Flower Beds

Even if you don't want a full-on iron fence, you may want to check with a fencing contractor in your area or a metal fabrication service that works with iron. You can add some adorable detail to flower beds with a short iron railing that is designed to go in these areas. This form of surround-railing can be anywhere from a few inches to a few feet in height, but it is enough to keep out a lot of pests and add a level of visual interest to flower beds or landscaped areas o your property. 

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