Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Want Glass Shelves In Your Shower? Look For These Three Features

Jessie Bell

Glass shelving in your shower looks sleek and clean, and it can be very easy to take care of even if you have hard water. But not just any glass will do. For the best use and experience, you'll want to look for a few features that make the shelves easier and safer to have in the shower.

Tempered Glass

Any glass you put in the shower needs to be tempered. This is that thick glass that breaks into small pieces, rather than shards. The glass is a lot safer to be around, and while the pieces can cut you if you're not careful, it's a lot easier to clean up broken tempered glass than regular annealed glass. The thickness of the tempered glass also makes it less likely to shatter under the weight of a full shampoo bottle.


You're showering, everything is wet, and thus everything can fall over and slip out of your hands. Get shelves that have rails around the edges to prevent things from rolling off the shelves if they tip over. Nothing really bad is going to happen if your shampoo bottle falls onto the shower floor, but it's annoying. If you're in the shower, you're likely rushing to get ready for work or relaxing after a long day, and who needs that jarring sound when your containers and bottles hit the floor? Get rails on those shelves.

Secure Supports and Fasteners

It may sound a bit strange to emphasize that glass shelves should have secure supports and fasteners (because why would you not want those), but you would be surprised at some of the cheaper kits available for the DIY crowd. Get your glass shelving from a residential shower services company that knows how to attach those shelves so they will not move. Because like it or not, you will bump into those shelves at least once. You want those shelves to stay up and not suddenly fly out of their restraints. Cleaning up a pile of glass around your feet, even if the glass is tempered, is not something you ever want to experience.

Your best option is to contact a glass company that specializes in shower doors, shelving, and other bathroom and kitchen glass features. These companies will be able to install the shelves for you and provide a warranty on the product. With professional installation, these shelves will serve you well for years.


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