Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

A Guide To Selecting The Right Granite Countertops

Jessie Bell

Granite countertops are the best countertops you can have installed in your kitchen. However, not all granite countertops are created equal. There are different granite materials, colors and edges that can influence how well your countertops will fit your home.

Bring Pictures Or A Cabinet Door

When searching for the perfect granite color, make sure to look at samples to decide which colors you enjoy the most and which colors may fit the best with your kitchen design. For example, you could bring one of your cabinet doors with you to the showroom so you can better visualize how your cabinets will look with the countertop. Or, you could bring pictures of your kitchen and compare them side-by-side with the showroom. You may waste money if you order a slab and discover that it just doesn't fit.

Consider The Lighting

The best granite for your kitchen is partially based on the type of lighting. If your kitchen has little or no natural light, choose a lighter granite that will reflect light and help illuminate your kitchen. Dark granite is better in a kitchen that receives a lot of natural light.

Know The Style You Are Going For

If you would like to add sleekness to your kitchen, add black granite countertops. These countertops draw attention to the center of your kitchen since they contrast with the wooden cabinets. If you would prefer a kitchen that looks much more modern, choose white granite countertops. These countertops will match many of the appliances in your home. To give your kitchen a more traditional look, choose green granite countertops. 

Know How Much You Are Willing To Spend

If you would like to use a rare color for your kitchen, this type of granite will likely cost more. Rare treatments that can produce unique visual effects will also cost more. If you would like to save more money, look into granite tiles and granite overlays as alternatives.

Select The Countertop Edge Style

The type of edge your countertop will have has an impact on how your countertops look and how safe they are. Pencil-edge countertops are ideal if you are looking for a contemporary look. Round countertops are ideal for families that have children since children are safer when running into a rounded countertop. Bevel edges are ideal for homes that have a more traditional look. The bull nose edge is also more traditional. 


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