Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Fiberglass Composites Are A Cutting Edge Siding Material

Jessie Bell

If you are really serious about adding a new siding material to your home, you should consider some of the top of the line modern products. That is, vinyl and wood have been great choices for years, but there are many new products that you should consider. Most of these new products, like fiberglass composite, actually address the main issues that homeowners have with wooden and vinyl products. Most importantly, although some people love the style of wood, they don't have the patience or means to properly maintain it. On the other hand, many people love the no-nonsense, low maintenance of vinyl, but they hate the way that it looks. Modern fiberglass composite siding products are a great marriage between the style of wood and the low maintenance of vinyl.

What Are Fiberglass Composites?

Pretty much every siding manufacturer has their own unique brand of fiberglass composite, and they usually have some sort of unique, trademarked name for it. It is important to point out that this fiberglass is nothing like the material you will see in your bathroom. Fiberglass composite is generally much lighter, more flexible, and it has a lot of characteristics that make it perfect for exterior siding.

First of all, fiberglass that is mixed with recycled composite materials has a more matte and rough finish. This basically means that it can look and feel much more like real wood. The composite design also makes it much lighter, which makes it possible to be used as a siding material.

Better Prints Make a Big Difference

One of the biggest advancements in fiberglass siding came with better printing techniques. With more detailed prints, it is possible for manufactures to make more realistic looking wood styles. Of course, wood isn't the only style that these fiberglass composite products are made to look like, but a majority of their products do look like wood. The advances came not just with better colors and more detailed printing, but also with three-dimensional technologies that enable the print to match up with the natural looking designs of the wood grain. Basically, if you see them not on the wood print of fiberglass product, you can also feel it.

There will always be people that don't like synthetic materials with faux wood finishes, regardless of how good they look. These are usually people have never enjoyed the convenience of owning a low maintenance material like fiberglass composite. To learn more, contact a siding installation professional in your area.


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