Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Rent A Dumpster To Make Getting Rid Of Debris Easy When You Tear Down An Old Shed

Jessie Bell

If you have an old shed or outbuilding that's an eyesore and too far gone to renovate, it may be time to tear it down and build something new or reclaim the space. A simple storage shed might be easy enough for you to demolish yourself. You can rent a dumpster to collect all the waste so you won't even have to worry about how to get rid of building materials and junk inside. Here are a few things about renting a dumpster to keep in mind.

You'll Need Space Or A Permit

Rental dumpsters come in various sizes, so you may not need to rent a huge one. No matter what size it is, you'll need a proper place to park it. A good place is your driveway, but a private alley or even your yard might work too. If you have to place the dumpster on your sidewalk or in the street near your curb, then talk to your city first. You'll probably need a permit, and you'll be limited in how long the dumpster can stay. There may even be a limit to how long you can keep a dumpster on your private property if it can be seen from the street. Also, if you live in an HOA community, find out if there are regulations concerning dumpster rentals before you have one delivered.

You'll Want To Understand The Rental Policies

When you tear down an old building, you'll have a variety of waste to contend with. You might even have old equipment and other clutter you want to throw out at the same time. Find out if you need to separate the materials. Metal can be recycled, so it may need to stay separate from wood. Household junk may need to be apart from construction materials. Also, learn what items can't go in the dumpster, such as old cans of paint and fuel.

It's also important to understand regulations about how full to stack the materials in the dumpster. Some companies stack dumpsters on top of each other when they drop them off and pick them up. You'll probably need to make sure all the boards and clutter are below the top of the dumpster. Keep weight in mind too. While you can choose the size of the dumpster based on volume, weight also plays a role because there will be a weight limit. You may not approach the limit unless you're tearing out a concrete structure or large concrete slab.

You May Want A Bigger Dumpster Than You Need

If you have the space for a larger dumpster, you might want to rent one that's one size larger than you think you need. Unless you're highly organized, it won't take long to fill up a dumpster due to lost space from throwing things over the side. If you don't want to plan how to fill it by placing boards flat and stacking equipment just right, then work will go quicker if you can just toss things in as you tear them down.

Having a dumpster on your property makes the demolition process go a lot faster because you don't have to worry about constantly moving junk around and hauling it away in a pickup truck bit by bit. The junk will be gone in a single move, and your space will be clear and ready for a new shed or sod.

For more information on dumpster rentals, contact a company such as Keith Krupenny & Son Disposal Service Inc.


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