Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Get It Right The First Time: Four Items Your New Home Should Have

Jessie Bell

Now that you're building a custom home, you want everything to be perfect. If you're building your new home in a region that experiences harsh winter weather or severe seasonal storms, you need to take some additional measure where it comes to safety and comfort. Here are four items that you need to include in your new home.

1. Storm Windows

When it comes to preparing for cold winters and severe seasonal storms–including hurricanes–you should never overlook the need for storm windows. Storm windows are an all-inclusive layer of protection for your home. They keep the cold weather out during the winter, and they protect your home during hurricane-force winds. Don't settle for the basic window treatments in your new home. Make sure your home is protected with storm windows, as well. To have storm windows installed in your home, contact a company like Southern Glass & Mirror. You can also if they have storm protection for doors, too. 

2. Heating Cables

If you're expecting to deal with freezing temperatures each winter, be sure to equip your new home with rooftop heating cables. Heating cables helps prevent ice dams and damage to your roof. These cables can be installed right onto your home during the construction process, which means your roof will be ready once winter arrives.

3. Seamless Gutters

While you're planning the construction of your home, don't forget about the rain gutters. Your new home won't be fully protected without the addition of seamless gutters. First, your seamless gutters will prevent your home from sustaining water damage during torrential rain storms. Second, seamless gutters give melting snow a place to go as it drains off your roof. Finally, seamless gutters don't have the seams and joints that can leak. As an added benefit, seamless gutters are easier to clean. Since there are no seams for dirt and debris to get caught up on, you'll just need to rinse your gutters out with a garden hose to keep them flowing smoothly.

4. Upgraded Insulation 

If you want your new home to be as energy efficient as possible, don't forget to go with upgraded insulation. Your basic level of insulation will ensure that your home passes the construction inspections and will provide a basic level of energy efficiency. However, to make sure your home stays warm during the winter and cool during the summer, talk to your contractor about upgrading the insulation in your attic and walls.


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