Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Advantages Of Choosing A Modular Home

Jessie Bell

If you own a plot of land and are considering building a house, you may want to look into a modular home. A modular home has certain advantages over a stick-built house, and once construction is over, you'll have a permanent structure that's just as solid as a traditional house built on site. Here's information on how a modular house is built and its advantages over a traditionally built home.

Know What a Modular Home Is and Isn't

First, you want to understand what a modular home is and isn't. A modular house is different from a manufactured home or mobile home. A modular home is a permanent structure that's built on a foundation. The difference between it and a stick-built home is that the modular variety is made in large part in a factory. Then, the preassembled pieces are delivered to your lot and constructed on the foundation. A stick-built home is built entirely on your lot. Because the construction methods vary, you'll want to make sure the land you own doesn't have covenants or other restrictions that keep you from having the modular pieces delivered and assembled on the land.

Understand The Advantages Over Stick Building

Factory construction has its benefits. For one, your house is kept indoors and protected until the parts are ready to transport. This keeps them out of the rain and bad weather so there is less risk of mold and other problems developing with the building materials. Since all the work is done in a climate-controlled setting, there are no weather delays. Your home is more likely to be finished on schedule and built more quickly than a stick-built home. Also, since work is done in a factory, there is less reliance on outside contractors that may not show up or do inferior work.

A modular home may even be built to better standards than a traditional home since the work is done assembly-line fashion with special tools and quality control. In addition, a modular house may even cost less than a traditional home. Less cost and quicker construction are two primary benefits of modular construction, and the best part is you don't have to sacrifice on quality.

You can customize a modular house to a certain extent, and you can also choose pre-made floor plans. Locate a modular home seller in your area so you can tour completed homes to see how well they're constructed and how attractive they are. Financing one of these homes is much like financing any other home in that you may need a construction loan. However, just like stick-built houses, modular houses gain in value rather than depreciate like mobile homes, so investing in the modular option might be a good way to spend your money.


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