Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Don't Let Christmas Breakfast Destroy Your Septic System

Jessie Bell

Are you among the many American families who kick off Christmas Day with a hearty breakfast? Perhaps you have a household full of guests, or maybe you just want to tide yourself over until the main event. Either way, it is estimated that a Christmas breakfast averages around 1,110 calories for many families.

Pancakes, syrup, eggs, and sausage are often popular additions to the table on Christmas morning. Although the idea of waking up to a mouthful of morning deliciousness sounds good, all that breakfast food may be wreaking havoc on an already overburdened septic system. Find out how to enjoy a Christmas breakfast without destroying your septic tank.

Consider Less Greasy Alternatives

Sausage and bacon are perhaps some of the most popular breakfast meats among many Americans. Who doesn't love all that meaty goodness in the morning? However, both sausage and bacon often produce a lot of grease and oils. When that grease finds its way down your kitchen sink and into your septic tank, your holiday cheer can quickly turn to holiday horror.

Keep in mind that your septic system may already be carrying the weight of extra guests in your home for the holidays. Also, you are likely planning to prepare an elaborate Christmas feast. Therefore, adding the extra burden of a greasy holiday breakfast may just be the straw on the camel's back. Fortunately, there are some alternative breakfast foods to consider.

For instance, skip the sausage and bacon in favor of toast with an egg, avocado, and a slice of turkey or ham. Turkey and ham are delicious meats to incorporate into your breakfast meal, and they are far less greasy than bacon and sausage, which helps prevent a septic system disaster.

Set Some Kitchen Rules

Before your relatives descend for the holidays to enjoy a Christmas breakfast, be sure to set some holiday rules. For instance, ask your guests to scrape their plates thoroughly into the trash before putting them in the sink. The last thing you need is bits of food washing down the drain.

If you have a friend or family member helping you prepare Christmas breakfast, make sure you specify what can and cannot go down the drain or garbage disposal. For the most part, food scraps should go into the trash can rather than down the drain and into your septic system.

For added security, talk to a septic system professional from a company like AAA Pumping Service about septic pumping before the holidays. It is a good idea to get your system pumped out so it can withstand the additional weight of the upcoming holiday celebrations. Additionally, if you find your septic system acting up after the holidays are over, be sure the call in the experts for assistance.


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