Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Do You Require Masonry Work?

Jessie Bell

If your property has stone or brick walls, then you will eventually require the assistance of a masonry contractor. Depending on where the damage has occurred and the severity of the damage, the issues can result in very devastating consequences, including loss of heat, water infiltration, and foundation problems. Therefore, as a property owner, you need to be familiar with the signs of masonry damage so you can contact a professional at the earliest signs of significant wear and tear.

1. Bulging Brick

Bulging brick, also referred to as bowed brick, occurs when the bricks in the exterior wall cave in or jut out around a particular area. Generally, this occurs as a result of moisture seeping in behind the bricks. The moisture will warp the bricks and concrete, forcing them to bulge out, or the moisture will soften the plaster or wood behind the bricks, resulting in them sinking in. In either case, this is serious and needs to be addressed by a mason before further damage can occur.

2. Compacted Bricks

Compacted bricks are relatively easy to notice because their original shape will no longer be noticeable. Instead, these bricks will be bowed or possibly cracked. This is an issue because it will develop a hole and moisture can then seep through. In addition, compacted bricks will generally result in more compacted bricks as a result of the lack of pressure the adjacent bricks have. In other words, a single compacted brick will end up affecting the bricks around it, and you will end up with a catastrophic issue on your hands. A mason contractor will need to come out to perform the necessary repairs and get your bricks back to normal.

3. Mortar Deterioration 

When the mortar between the bricks begin to deteriorate, the bricks will become loose and start to rub against one another. When this happens, the bricks will become damaged and suffer warping. Unfortunately, this can lead to extremely high repair expenses. The good news is this can be avoided if a mason contractor is called when mortar wear and tear is noticed early on. Contractors can reinforce or replace the mortar as necessary. 

These are only a few signs that you need masonry repairs. If you believe you are having issues with your bricks, get in touch with a local masonry contractor at your earliest convenience to avoid severe damage and costly repairs.


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