Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

  • Don't Let Christmas Breakfast Destroy Your Septic System

    Are you among the many American families who kick off Christmas Day with a hearty breakfast? Perhaps you have a household full of guests, or maybe you just want to tide yourself over until the main event. Either way, it is estimated that a Christmas breakfast averages around 1,110 calories for many families. Pancakes, syrup, eggs, and sausage are often popular additions to the table on Christmas morning. Although the idea of waking up to a mouthful of morning deliciousness sounds good, all that breakfast food may be wreaking havoc on an already overburdened septic system.

  • What To Know About Cleaning Clay Roofing Tiles

    Does your home's roof use roofing tiles made out of clay? If so, you may love the beauty that it provides to your home. Clay tiles do need occasional maintenance to keep them looking good, which includes cleaning them when they are showing visible signs of being dirty. Here is what you need to know about cleaning your home's clay roofing tiles. Dirt Absorption And Moss Growth What makes clay a very distinctive roofing material is the fact that it is brittle and porous, which causes the material to become absorbent.

  • 2 Mistakes To Avoid When Using Your Washing Machine With A Home Septic System

    As part of your normal routine, you have to wash your clothes and linens to keep yourself and your family clean. However, if you are using your washing machine and have a septic tank, you may not realize that there are things that you need to change so that the system stays healthy. While washing your laundry, make sure you avoid the following mistakes that could throw your septic system out of balance.

  • Why Renting A Dumpster Is Best For Large Clean-outs

    If you have a building or large garage that is packed full of stuff that you have deemed to be garbage, it would be best if you were to rent from one of the commercial dumpster rentals in your area. To help you better understand why this would be the best choice for your needs, you will want to continue reading. There Are Things You Just Can't Put On The Curb

  • Why You Should Have Your Own Crane Operator On Staff

    When running a construction company that uses a crane, either occasionally or all of the time, you will want to make sure that you always have your own official crane operator on staff. Even though there may be the option to hire someone as an independent contractor for those days, that might not be the best thing to do. Here's why: You Will Know Their Background Cranes are heavy machinery that can be incredibly dangerous if put in the wrong inexperienced hands.

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Tips For Interviewing Contractors

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