Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

  • TMA Trucks

    A car accident is never a good experience, and unfortunately they often result in an injury or a fatality. There are specific precautions that are taken to minimize bodily damage during a crash. Many companies are renting truck mounted attenuators (TMA), also called scorpion trucks or crash trucks, to help keep their employees and others safe. This device is mounted onto the back of a truck and is deployed when the vehicle is at rest.

  • 4 Benefits Of Building A Seawall On Your Oceanfront Property

    Living on an oceanfront property comes with an abundance of benefits to enjoy throughout the year. The weather is typically always nice, the sea breezes help keep temperatures comfortable year-round, and the ocean view offers some serious stress-relief for most people. But sea swells and flooding can wreak havoc on your property, so it's a good idea to consider installing a seawall. Here are a few good reasons to invest in a seawall for your oceanfront property:

  • Dealing With Rodents In Your HVAC System? What Are Your Options?

    Few things can be more frustrating than turning on your thermostat on the first day of unseasonably warm (or cold) weather only to find out your air conditioner or heater is no longer functioning properly. Although mechanical issues can sometimes arise when an appliance has spent an extended amount of time idle, in other cases, you may find your HVAC issues have a more tangible cause – damage to wires or other internal components caused by the sharp teeth and insatiable chewing urges of rats, mice, and other rodents.

  • Choosing the Perfect Replacement Smoke Alarm

    When it comes time to replace your smoke detector, you may discover that it is also time to upgrade your older smoke detector to a newer version. New innovations in smoke detection have caused these devices to go far beyond "smoke detection" and have become heat and flame detectors. Smoke Detection The two types of smoke detectors are ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors. Ionization smoke detectors use a small amount of americium-241.

  • What Should You Do To Maintain Your Aluminum Gutters This Summer?

    Your aluminum gutters play an important role in your home's water drainage. Water that falls on your roof must have a proper place to exit, or moisture can build up beneath the shingles and in the attic of your home. Maintaining your gutters can extend the service life of your home's roof and can prevent water damage in the walls and other parts of your house. While your home's gutters won't need a lot of maintenance in the summer months, the following tips can help you keep your gutters in good condition for the season.

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