Tips For Interviewing Contractors

Tips For Interviewing Contractors

  • Tips For Scheduling The Sealcoating For Your Business Parking Lot

    If your business has an asphalt parking lot that is starting to look worn and cracked, then it may be time to invest in a sealcoating. However, you need to time the sealing correctly so it can be completed correctly and also so you can avoid downtime when it comes to your business. If you want to learn about some tips that will help you to best determine the sealcoat timing, keep reading.

  • Tips For Protecting Your Roof During Hurricanes

    Protecting your roof against the wind forces and stresses generated by a hurricane can be essential for reducing the amount of damage that is suffered by the structure. However, homeowners that have only recently moved to hurricane prone areas may not be very informed about the steps that they should take to enhance their roof's durability. Secure Any Loose Nails Or Shingles At the start of each hurricane season, a thorough inspection of the roof should be performed so that any loose nails or shingles can be identified and corrected.

  • How To Prepare Walls For Painting After A Heavy Smoker Tenant Moves Out

    If you've been renting a dwelling to someone who is a heavy cigarette smoker, you'll need to do more than simply apply a fresh coat of paint to the walls before a new tenant moves in. The tar from nicotine can seep through fresh paint and develop beads of yellow moisture. Also, dust and pet hair may have gotten trapped by the sticky residue on the walls. There could also be smudges in the residue, which can create textures that could be difficult to paint over to achieve a smooth finish.

  • Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Roofing Company

    Do you own a building that needs a new roof? Do you need to hire a roofer but you're not sure how to find one to actually hire? Since roofs can go decades between repair or replacement, few people have firsthand knowledge of precisely what needs to be done in order to get a new roof. In order to find the best roofing contractor for you, here are some questions that you should ask each potential roofer:

  • Using Your Truck For Hauling Garden Equipment? Tips To Keep The Bed Protected

    If you have purchased landscaping garden equipment and you will be bringing it home in the back of your truck, you need to make sure you keep your truck bed protected from getting scratched up. The equipment can scratch your truck while driving on the way home, as well as cause even more damage when you are taking everything out of your truck bed. Fortunately, you can protect your truck from damage by using a truck bed liner.

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